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Originally Posted by Jack Rainbow View Post
Like Manuel in Fawlty towers, I know nothing. Nothing about computers and less about keyboards. I don't even know where to appropriately post this query. But queries, like umbrella stands and everything else in the universe, have to be somewhere. Only nothing is nowhere, like me. So this query is here. Say hello, query.When I press the pound sign (above the number 3) on my keyboard, I get the @ symbol. Confusingly, when I press the @ symbol I get " But there is no pound symbol, whatever I try. And I need a pound symbol. The letters I must write requiring this little iconograph are piling up. I'm worried.

There are a number of other anomalies. We won't mention those here, though. I charge for stuff like that.

Please, can some kind knowledgeable person tell me step by step how to alter the keys? There is apparently something that might help called settings, but I can't FIND IT. It is not in control panel, that I can tell you.

Is my keyboard broken or can these anomalies be fixed somehow?

Easiest choice, use GOKeyboard from market. It has swipe typing if you want it and # is on the s key....

If you have a custom font it is possible that you don't have an image for the # (it's called a hatchtag or something by the way).
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