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Originally Posted by rushmore View Post
Both Chik-fil-a AND nude dancing are cool One tastes good and the other is an art form

The guy did not say he did not like gays and only communicated his belief on marriage. Do we want him to lie about it, like a lot of politicians are doing and do on a normal basis? I would rather someone tell me the truth, rather than lie for political convenience.
Like I said, it's not necessarily what he said - it's where he's moving corporate money to that's the problem.

He can say all he wants - however when some Chik-Fil-A money goes to hate groups then we have a problem.

How would you feel if he donated some company cash to the KKK? Company money mind - not his own personal stash.

Originally Posted by A.Nonymous View Post
So this is a plan. Go to the Christian owner of a business that is closed on Sundays. Ask him his opinion on gay marriage. Be shocked and horrified at his response.
As shocking as it may sound, being Christian and supporting gay marriage is not necessarily exclusive.

At the end of the day why are people so against the LGBT community from boycotting CFA? He said and did something we don't like, we don't eat there as a result. Is that really so bad, so evil, so wrong? Folk can boycott McD's because they don't like the golden arches if they want to. Who are we hurting by boycotting? Has our boycott prevented supporters from eating there? The exact opposite I'd say.

Or is this simply a 'hands off our chicken' mentality? Would folk have such a visceral reaction if he only sold healthy salads?
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