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Originally Posted by Rachel_Ambler View Post
Like I said, it's not necessarily what he said - it's where he's moving corporate money to that's the problem.

He can say all he wants - however when some Chik-Fil-A money goes to hate groups then we have a problem.

How would you feel if he donated some company cash to the KKK? Company money mind - not his own personal stash.
Stockholders would likely be upset. The founder is seldom free to spend corporate funds on such things without approval from the board.

I would not care if he donates to the KKK, just as long as he does not screw up my to go orders. I can accept his comments as long as he makes it clear they are his comments and he is not speaking for the company.

Unfortunately, the public often punishes the corporation because they cannot separate the president from the company.

But I do not own any stock in the company, so I could care less.
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