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Originally Posted by rushmore View Post
Both Chik-fil-a AND nude dancing are cool One tastes good and the other is an art form

The guy did not say he did not like gays and only communicated his belief on marriage. Do we want him to lie about it, like a lot of politicians are doing and do on a normal basis? I would rather someone tell me the truth, rather than lie for political convenience.
When one starts insulting others for their views, expect a response.

Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy bites into gay-marriage debate - Post Leadership - The Washington Post

"So why have Cathy’s comments caused such a stir? On the one hand, you could argue leaders of businesses, particularly private, family-owned ones, should be able to speak their minds. But when a business leader elects to take a public and vocal position on a hot-button political issue in an election year, he or she also risks losing the support of many of its customers. It is one thing to be an organization that “operate[s] on biblical principles”—staying closed on Sundays, making donations to groups it supports, remaining debt-free. But it is quite another to imply that people who support same-sex marriage—many of whom are surely customers—have a “prideful, arrogant attitude.”"
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