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Originally Posted by rushmore View Post
Both Chik-fil-a AND nude dancing are cool One tastes good and the other is an art form

The guy did not say he did not like gays and only communicated his belief on marriage. Do we want him to lie about it, like a lot of politicians are doing and do on a normal basis? I would rather someone tell me the truth, rather than lie for political convenience.
I hold the same view of marriage. Let straight people get married and let gay people have civil unions.

These days, many gay people automatically hang a "Gay Basher" sign around your neck for any comment that might be construed as hate speech. Even though it is not hate speech.

Some gay people likely do not really care and they likely still eat at the restaurant. Just a few with big microphones and a willing liberal press willing to help spin reasonable comments out of control.

Very sad, but the era of free speech is over, I should think.
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