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Originally Posted by HotRoderX View Post
I really think we are starting to see a much deeper issue surface in America then just what the CEO of chick fli a said. I really think where at tipping point here in America.

We see tons of outrage because the CEO came out and said he does not support gay marriage that's his opinion. I believe he is entitled to it just like everone is entitled to there's.

After the CEO came out and said that he was labeled a racist, hater, etc, etc. Then people talked about boycotting Chick-fil-a which to me is the proper way to handle the situation. No one is forced to eat there, you can always go to another restaurant to eat.

Then mayors in several counties came out and said they would not approve zoning permits or what have you for Chick-fli-a. This is when things changed at least in my mind. I want to forget for a sec that the mayors have the rights to do this. That's not in question at all there elected officials its there city's they have the right to do as they please and the power.

I wanna look at this from a moral stand point for a sec. What makes these mayors any different then the CEO? When the city's decided to block Chick-Fli-a from building in there districts isnt that discrimination? There basically saying our point of view is right and if you don't like it your hateful racist who discriminant. How does this even remotely make since.
People took the chicken seller's comments as hate speech and that is how it is sold to a public that will decide something based on rhetoric and an inaccurate headline.

Chances are, some people reading the other side's stories likely agree that marriage should be between a man and woman. But all they read is this guy is a hateful racist.

As for the mayors, they were wrong. and they said what they said to curry votes and look good. There is no way to know if they support gay marriage or not.

And you are also right when you asked, "What makes these mayors any different then the CEO?" Not really a difference. They are saying you can have free speech just as ling as we approve, which is not free speech.

Fortunately, in a week or two, this will go away and few will care. More chicken sandwiches will be sold and life goes on.
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