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I agree with many of your points, to wit firearms (hate them myself but agree folk have a right to have the bloody things), Mayoral over stepping, rights of boycott etc.

The one thing I'd like to clarify is the difference between Jeff Bezos and Dan Cathy. Jeff used his personal money to fund pro-gay rights in Washington. Dan used Chik-Fil-A's corporate money to fund his stuff.

That said, there are folk out there (1 Million Moms) who have stated they will boycott any company that supports gay rights. This suits me fine. I applaud them for sticking by their principles - however misguided they may seem to me.

There seem to be 3 sorts of people in the country now - those vehemently against gay marriage, those for and those who really don't care either way. There are enough in the later groups for the former to sit up and pay attention to. Trouble is for them it seems that the 'I don't care' brigade is getting bigger at the cost of the 'no' bunch.
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