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Originally Posted by Bob Maxey View Post
Chick-fil-A is a private corporation. I Googled them and I guess I am correct. So that fact changes your argument. Corporations can use their assets as they see fit if the company is privately held. Much different if the company is public.

I do not know how CFA is structured but the owner's prior deeds, the way he has operated for decades and his views and religous beliefs say this is not just a persom being mean. This is a man with deep religious beliefs.

I use my corporation's cash to fund pleasures that do not further the bottom line. If I were public, it would be different.
Not in the slightest. This has nothing to do with whether they are a public or private corporation. The fact is Dan is using his business to fund (in part) hate groups. His business - not his own personal cash - his business. So a small portion of what folk pay for their chicken-whatever goes to hate organizations.

Like I said earlier, would folk be this vitriolic over this if he ran a healthy salad company?

And you still haven't countered my question : why can't we protest? Why can't we disagree? That's what this is all about. Or are you saying that, as members of a community you, by your own words, do not like have less rights than you?
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