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Originally Posted by Jordan Samuels View Post
Sure do agree only to add that I see a big difference between financially supporting pro-gay rights and financially supporting anti-gay agenda. Maybe I misunderstood that portion of your comments.

Supporting anti-rights for a portion of the population that is of a sexual orientation that is a minority and legal (as opposed to a sick sexual orientation such as pedophilia etc which there are laws agains) is just biggotry. (trimmed)
I really do see both points of view on this which I know sounds weird. The way I look at this is we have two sides to this coin.

We have pro gays who feel they have the right to gay unions.
We have anti gay's who feel that gay marriage unions should be illegal.

Both sides think there correct and feel the other is wrong. When this finally is put to a vote on the national level. One side will lose and it will be a mute point for at least a little while.

I feel both sides have the right to fight for there views if there willing to. In a perfect world everyone would coexist and be happy. This has never been the case and I don't see it happening ever.

Helping fund a group that goes into a legal court setting to fight for your views. In my opinion is the best way to handle this type of situation. Ultimately its up to a judge to interpret the laws and constitution to decide if something is legal.

I also am a firm believer that people can do as they please with there money. When we start telling people how they can spend there money and how they can use it we stepped over that fine line.

Please always keep in mind whats racist to one person isn't to another.
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