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Originally Posted by Rachel_Ambler View Post

Perhaps it would help if we isolate your issue with this.

Are you against gay marriage because of biblical or legal reasons? Or are you of the opinion that gays do not have rights? Are you against the LGBT community protesting or them generally? These are honest questions and I'd appreciate honest answers. Perhaps if we can isolate the issue we could hone down to that rather than expanding into all manner of tangents.
I am against it because it is not right. It flies in the face of a time honored tradition and most people seem to be against it because of their religious beliefs or they simply believe as I do, that marriage is between woman and man.

If two people of the same sex want a legally defined relationship, they have options and I have zero problems just as long as they do not call it a marriage. If the laws must change to afford gay people that choose a union the same rights straight married people are afforded, no problems here.

You think I hate gay people because I support Chick-fil-A. Not true. I just agree with Dan's position as do millions of other people that likely do not hate gays, but hate that they would call their blessed event a wedding.

The LGBT community is free to protest. But so am I. But I do not protest issues like this. When asked, I state my views and let it go at that. It has nothing to do with hate and I do not want to see those folks hurt, beat up or killed. I just want them to use the term married.

They can get together and form some other legal structure and I do not have a problem with that one blessed bit.
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