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Originally Posted by jcpwn2004 View Post
That makes sense, how can I discover the rogue app if the battery usage isn't showing anything?

I rechecked this morning and dolphin browser was at 20% even though it supposedly wasn't open so I reinstalled. Now android OS is at 46% though, that's pretty high isn't it?
Download Badass Battery, free, and it works great. Many settings to let you monitor what's using what from CPU usage to screen time, power use etc, you can also see if there's a crazy amount of wakelocks which can drain battery a good amount... really good to help you pinpoint a Rogue app or just to monitor in general and see what's using what.

Battery may need a calibration too, if you were rooted I'd say use Battery Calibrate which rocks when changing/updating Roms to make sure Batt is reporting correct stats. But for stock this is what I did when I got the phone and battery life was quite better vs 1st couple days w/o doing that.
From XDA:
1. Turn off your phone.
2. Fully Charge.
3. When getting 100% signal, unplug quickly.
4. Pull off the battery and put it anywhere.
5. Wait for 180 seconds exactly (be careful )
6. Meanwhile, take this opportunity to dust off the internal compartment.
7. Put back the battery on the right side.
8. Turn on the phone.
9. Pray the Battery god
10. ... and voilą !

If none of that works along with no rogue app showing, then something is wrong with the battery itself, which would be rare, but can happen. I've even had iPhone with sh!t battery life only to get swapped out for another one that was better with no changes made.
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