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Guess I'm destined to stay on Scott's CleanROM GBE 1.7

I verified I've got HBOOT version 2.11.0000

I'm Unlocked, S-ON, and

I followed this guide from the beginning thru Step 2 of post 1 till I got to THIS POINT:

C:\mini-adb>fastboot oem rebootRUU
... OKAY [ 0.000s]
finished. total time: 0.016s

C:\mini-adb>fastboot flash zip
sending 'zip' (463936 KB)... FAILED (remote: not allowed)
finished. total time: 0.000s

If I key in the failed command a second time, it just says sending zip, and never clears. I have to pull the usb cable and when I do, the phone says "RUU" of which never clears till I pull the battery.

What am i doing wrong?

All I want to do is update to ICS WITH the new radios, and if possible keep my data - if I'm going about this the hard way, someone please show me the way, or shoot me now.

Edit: Just for fun, I tried to reflash the OEM recovery...

-flash stock recovery
fastboot flash recovery recovery_signed_stock_2.01.605.11.img

and that failed too

C:\mini-adb>fastboot flash recovery recovery_signed_stock_2.01.605.11.img
sending 'recovery' (5598 KB)... FAILED (remote: not allowed)
finished. total time: -0.000s

If I key it in again, it starts: I get the green bar rising on the right side, it gets close to the top and just hangs there. I have to pull the usb cable to get it to clear.

Any suggestions?
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