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Originally Posted by MarcMaiden View Post
Basically Halo 4 and Planetside 2,

A lot of my closest friends now come from LAN parties I used to have for Halo 1 over 11 years ago! We had so much fun back then, so I feel like I need to pay respects when a new one comes out Plus I am a sucker for the story. I read all the books and can't get enough.

Planetside 2 looks like an amazing game - an Epic first person shooter with 1000 player servers where everything you do happens real time, there are no rounds or loading, it's one epic continent and you choose which side to fight for to take it over.

I rarely play a lot of games now, but every now and then something comes out that brings me back!
I don't play as much as used to either. I'm not a Halo fan. More of a PS3 fan. It gets used mostly for Blu-ray and Amazon Instant Video.
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