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Originally Posted by stingerisback View Post
i picked up the hydro a few days ago. battery is like any other phone, depends on the amount of usage. talk time kills alot of the battery, but for standard use i've had not issues when battery time. all around its a good phone, ics os, arm 7 processor, good screen size. havent been willing to try waterproof, taking their word for it. one major downside i've come across is their is no ability to wifi tether even with playstore apps, the phone will report it doesnt have the ability to do it, whether it can with a custom rom or not, we have to wait to find out. is the phone worth the price, most defintely. my opinion being its worthy of 180- 200 dollars, but being able to get it for 130 its well worth the price.
Hey Stinger!

~So how's the reception with this phone?

~What phones have you had? What can you compare this phone too?

~Would you take it over an XPRT, Warp, Ultra?

~Is there a bar code reader that will work with it since the camera doesn't have an auto-focus?

~Does it lag much?

~Has it frozen on you or just crapped out on you yet?

Inquiring minds want to know.
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