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I've said this before in other forums about Ouya. In order for Ouya to succeed it will need good quality games. I don't mean AAA titles we get on PS3/Xbox/PC, I mean good games that people will want to sink hours at a time into. That's what I want when I play a console.
I don't have many games on my Galaxy S II simply because the stuff that is out there (for the most part) are games that I'll play in very short bursts (like when I'm waiting in line at a restaurant, or on a coffee break at work, etc...).

Games like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja are fun, but I wouldn't sit down and spend a whole afternoon with them. Ouya is going to need good quality games in order to be successful. But the problem is people won't buy Ouya if there are no good games available, and developers won't make games for Ouya if no one is buying the console, so it's kind of a vicious cycle there, and the way to break it is to get good talent behind the console from the start and have a strong launch line up of good (and good exclusive) titles.

Having said all of that, I support Ouya ( pledged $99+ on kickstarter for it), and I'm excited to see how it all develops. But without good developers backing the system I wouldn't be surprised to see Ouya fade away quickly after launch.
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