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Originally Posted by scotty85 View Post
your quite welcome glad you got it.

did you use the OTAs,or did you manually apply the files?
Scotty, I couldn't get the first ota update to take - it just acted like there was no update to be applied and did nothing.

I needed my phone for work, so I just rebooted it stock (2.01.605.12 with my data restored) and let it pull the OTA from the web via my wifi here at home - it's rock solid stable, so I didn't fear any connection issues. The update went without issue.

I had some odd behaviour, and have read that doing a factory reset after getting the OTA has helped many. So I booted Ra and did a data backup, then did a factory reset, rebooted... gmail, etc, let it settle, then did Ra and a restore of data. All seems to be better - like many have said on other forums (all of whom did the automated OTA, not manual).

Interesting thing... I was thumbing around this morning, snooping for info about the followup 104mb OTA that's rumored to be out... and found this site:


What was of particular interest to me, were the manual flashing instructions (I copied them from the site word for word):

"Okay, I flashed it. Here's how:
1. Install the ICS OTA full firmware.
2. Boot it up at least once. I skipped setup and just let it boot.
3. Extract the out and rename to (Don't remove it, just extract a copy.)
4. Place the on the SDCard.
5. Rename the entire package to and put it on the SDCard.
6. Reboot to recovery (which should now be stock.)
7. Press vol up and power.
8. The update will start and patch your files.
9. The phone will reboot to HBOOT and load the file you put there.
10. Vol up to install.
11. PWR to reboot.
12. Profit!
Enjoy playing!"

Notice the capital "U" on "" ? I wonder if that was my flashing problem for this user's guide?
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