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I suppose I could just call them back but that would be sort of lame. :/

Sorry I don't mean to be rude, I just didn't expect it to be this difficult.
I will probably be on here bothering you for awhile because the contacts and the texting confuses the heck out of me too!

ETA: Ok so I was searching earlier on this thread and someone said if you check to forward to Google Chat AND to your mobile number then it will first ring on your GV and if that doesn't work, it will ring on your regular dialer.
I tried this and it worked - would that work if I didn't have wifi?
Then I could just give people my GV number and NOT my carrier number.
Will that work? Does anyone else do that?
However, that means when I don't have wifi I have to make incoming calls with my native number. Which I suppose is ok as long as I tell people to call the other number but that my calls might come through on a different number.
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