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Originally Posted by rushmore View Post
Depends on your use. I notice that game emulators and 3D games in general are smoother on the GS3 dual than the TF300 (quad 1GB). Not apples to apples though for the GS3 quad, but played enough to notice the difference for the S4 dual and the Tegra 3 quad. Also compared with Toshiba Excite and A510, the GS3 dual performs better.

In fact, I wish my TF300 had the chipset from my VZW GS3 dual core.

I think we can spin all day and win 50/50 in regards to comparing the dual and quad GS3 devices.

Nope, as you say not apples for apples, so all comparisons with other devices are pointless. Even comparisons between different S3's are pointless.
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