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Originally Posted by Flooi View Post
Owner of the new Samsung S3 and new user of an Android Smartphone.
I read thru all the questions here and thought I'd put in my answers, tips and experiences:

can i charge the sg3 on the pc?
Yes but it takes longer to charge than from the supplied charger (I noticed that wall charger takes about 3hours while pc charger takes about 6hours). Also don't use an older phone charger to charge a new model phone; recent phones need a stronger charger to fully charge. If you use older charger with new phone you will struggle to fully charge. If you use a new charger with an old phone you are likely to fry the phone.
I'll agree that charging with a PC takes longer than with the supplied wall charger. But the rest of your charging info is VERY wrong, at least in my experience. My family has so many older and newer chargers and phones around the house we can't keep track of which charger is for which phone. And we don't try because it hasn't made a difference with our phones. The oldest phone is about 2.5 to 3 years old. The newest phones are our 2 SGS3's. There are (Or recently have been) at least 4 different brands of phones and 7 different models. They all charge just fine on any charger. One charger is some off-brand retractable charger that's at least 3 years old. My wife manages a hotel and it was left in the "Lost and found" for a very long time so who knows how old it is. She found it 3 years ago. It's the fastest and oldest charger in the house and charges all phones just fine.

No long delays in charging. No fried phones.

Originally Posted by Flooi View Post
Having the wifi on chows battery. if you don't need it, switch it off. Use your Mobile Data for stuff like downloading from the Play Store (I find most apps are quite small), browsing the internet and Whatsapp. Bluetooth is the same, so switch it off (also viruses can now be transferred via Bluetooth).
Having the vibrate function on also eats battery, so turn off all the unnecessary vibrate settings.
I always have Wifi on when I'm at home. I was battery testing last weekend and I got about 36 hours from full charge down to about 15%. Wifi on the whole time. It automatically hooks up to my router whenever I'm at home. Not a battery hog at all. However, using mobile data is absolutely a battery hog. Especially if your phone doesn't get very strong reception. If the phone has to constantly search for or struggles to maintain a signal connection then it's going to use a lot more battery. For areas with weak 4G connections, if the phone is constantly switching between 3G and 4G it will also drain the battery faster. In my experience, (And everyone else in my family--4 brands, 7 different models in the last few years) Using Wifi versus mobile data (1x, 3G, whatever) is the best way to extend battery life.

I only use Bluetooth in my car and I sometimes forget to turn it off when I get home. It probably does drain my battery a little faster than with it off but I've left it on all day a few times and it didn't seem to make a big difference in battery life. Certainly not anywhere near enough to call it a "Battery hog". I'm sure I could leave it on for 24 hours and still get at least 24 hours out of one battery charge. Only my wife and I use Bluetooth but it's pretty much been the same with the 5 different phones we've had in the past 2.5 years. Some a little more than others but nothing excessive.

I don't know much about what it takes to transfer a virus via Bluetooth. But I don't think that's much of a real threat for people like me. First of all, someone would have to be able to connect to my phone via Bluetooth. Possible? Sure, I guess. Easy and fast? Probably not. I'm only using Bluetooth when I'm driving or walking around in a store or parking lot. Is someone going to be able to hack into my phone's Bluetooth in the few moments I'm within the very short distance that Bluetooth functions? Probably not. And when I forget and leave it on at home I'm too far away from anyone else to be worried. Unless the phone hacker ninja is sneaking around on my property to uncover the urgent secrets contained on my phone, I think I'm safe enough for now. I might be more concerned (But probably not) if I worked somewhere where I was relatively stationary for long periods of time around people I don't know who might want to do me harm. Otherwise, fearing hacking via Bluetooth is just paranoia.

Vibrate? My phone always has vibrate enabled as well as haptic feedback. Pretty much the same response for this one as with Bluetooth. Yes, it will use a little more battery but nothing worth shutting off over. I've always had it on since I bought my SGS3 so maybe I don't know what battery life would be like with vibration disabled. But considering I easily get 24 hours of battery life between charges I'd say it's probably not sucking too much battery life. And again, same with pretty much all phones we've had. I suppose if your phone is very active and is very frequently vibrating it will drain the battery faster than mine. But I do get several phone calls a day and quite a few texts. Probably about average I'd guess.

I realize that everyone has different experiences and what you stated must be what you've experienced. But they shouldn't be posted as facts or warnings because in my experience (4 brands, 7 different smart phones, several years) what you stated regarding charging/chargers and battery life/what kills a battery is pretty much wrong. The 7 phones we have/had all behave a little differently but they're all fairly similar in the areas I stated. The SGS3's that my daughter and I have are the kings when it comes to battery life though. They started off really poorly but it didn't take too long for them to really improve dramatically with regards to battery life.

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