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Originally Posted by Bob Maxey View Post
I started to say the same thing. I would opt for the ship because everything being mentioned here, is there. And you can time travel, replicate anything you need, you have medical help and repair facilities that people might need if they were given a hoverboard or light saber in this day and age.

You have people to teach you about the history of the cosmos and the ability to go where you want. You can forget about needing money (or lottery numbers) to get by. You can even come back to 2012 and park over the White house and drive the planet insane.

You can beam up Obama and tell him a thing or two. You can stun entire cities and just generally become a pest.

The girls are plentiful and perhaps some of that Romulin Ale is on tap.

Good choice, Early . . . go for the Enterprise.

would the Enterprise .. count as a gadget??

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