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Originally Posted by Bob Maxey View Post
Certainly, we only have two choices. We do not want twenty or a thousand. We try to pick the most qualified people for the job and eventually, the list of ten or twenty becomes a list of two and they end up on the ballot.

As soon as you decide to run, your life is over. Your family suffers and your friends are put out because you are investigated. If you kicked a dog one time when you were four, your evil animal abuse will be headlines all across the liberal media, local TV and the net.

Smart people know this and they choose not to run because every little problem in your life is magnified a thousand times and "they" will tear you apart. Smart people who could run and could do a great job setting things right will not run because politics is no longer about the best man or woman for the job.
I think it was Romney (though it could've been one of the other Republican candidates) who caught all kinds of flack a few weeks back because he apparently bullied some kid in high school or maybe in college. He would've been in his early 20s at the time at worst and this was more than 30 years ago but people flamed him for it and how horrible a person he was. There was some discussion about whether you wanted someone who was such a terrible bully to even run for public office. They trotted out the victim from 30 years ago and had him running around saying that he was scarred for life and still can't sleep at night and is still in therapy over the incident or something similar. All of this over an incident done 30 years ago by a guy who was a punk kid at the time.

I'm not a smart guy (and there are many people who will attest to that), but I would not want half of the stuff I did in college and high school brought out and aired in public. Certainly not 30 years after the fact. I think the moral of this story is only idiots run for office.
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