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Originally Posted by Trevstan View Post
Hi all first post but this seemed a nice forum to ask some questions.

About 2 weeks ago my phone developed a fault as in where it thought the charger was getting plugged in and pulled out (was making the beep noise) so i cleaned out the usb port and it disappeared for about a week.

For the last week it came back so thought i would upgrade to ICS to see if that helped, seems to have made it worse as Charging paused. Voltage too high is popping up everytime battery is draining very quickly.

I have read about on many fourms (Including these) and i have read that it is a USB port fault and it needs replaced.

The question i have is the phone is less that 6 month old and i got it from Phones4u i have read that if i send to Phones4u they is a good chance that they will tell me it has been water damaged... I could also send it direct to Samsung (Has anyone had any dealing with Samsung direct? Do they supply postage for the phone etc?)

Or i could try and repair it myself since i think i know the problem is the USB port, however would that void any warranty that is on the device?

Any input would be great as atm i am having to us a Motorola Razr .

Thanks Trev.
I had same problem after installing ICS. Sprint replaced phone and after a few days it is doing same thing. the only way I can keep it from running down my battery is to leave error message and turn screen off. Otherwise the screen stays on with message or comes back with message. Haven't seen solution yet?
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