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Originally Posted by dirkbonn View Post
You do realize (then again maybe you don't) corporations don't pay fines, the customers of the corporations pay the fines. Think about it, where do corporations get the money to pay fines? You think they find it in the street?

Bottom line, if you're a Verizon customer, some of YOUR money helped pay the fine!
This is not necessarily true. Businesses don't only make money from customers, they make money from investments as well. In addition, when they pay a fine, they don't necessarily increase prices for anything as a result of paying that fine. The laws of supply and demand and the equilibrium price point still apply. If a business pays a fine, and then they raise prices for their customers, that doesn't mean that customers are suddenly willing to pay more for the same product or service. And it certainly isn't the case that customers receive a bill in the mail for the fine. In all likelihood, the fine is on the books as a loss of revenue, especially because $1.2 million is a tiny drop in a very large bucket for even one quarter.
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