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Originally Posted by A.Nonymous View Post
Which mythical guy told that story? I've certainly never heard it though I'm hardly an expert on every religion or myth. Jesus was certainly not against rich people. John 3 is an account of him speaking with a man who was very rich and came to him by night lest his social status be jeapardized. Not once did he condemn this man for being wealthy. In fact, Jesus was buried in a rich man's tomb so clearly his followers didn't think they were desecrating his body by doing so. Clearly the founder of Christianity had no issues with wealth. Jews are frequently found running various banks and other financial institutions and historically have done so. Judaism would not appear to have any issues with rich people. Muhammed died penniless of course. We all know that. Islamic teaching generally teaches that all wealth belongs to Allah and we simply manage it and will be required, one day, to give account for what we have done with our wealth. It does not teach against the acquisition of wealth but rather teaches against the obsession with acquiring wealth. This teaching is not unusual in western religions. I can't speak for eastern religions views on them. I'm not particularly knowledgeable in eastern religions. Certainly the three major western religions have no problems with rich people. I'm not familiar at all with the mythical guy you speak of though I'm interested in him as exploring various religions fascinates me.

You realize that the filthy rich fund both right wing causes and left wing causes right? Democrats have been known to have $150k a plate fundraisers just as much as Republicans do.
Well $150k is peanuts compared to one individual pledging $100m to defeat Obama.

I guess it's which part one is selecting. There's probably better venues to discuss religious scholarship.

Anyway let's get away from religion and discuss the business case part as previously posted.

"Anyway, getting back to reality, bribery or extortion are against the law, which I guess one could call evil, but I believe the technical term is unlawful.

Let's use common sense, when a very select group of people, that are very wealthy and well aware of the value of money and how to invest money to obtain high ROI, make hidden expenditures to select or deselect individuals to make and enforce laws are not fools. Now some of these select group's servants were caught repeatedly in illegal actions that financially benefited their business interest, just proves the need for further investments to curtail enforcement or modify the law.

Now as this is a business decision, one needs to hire experts, which is just a business expense to insure those seeking elective office are well aware that these select individuals will spend whatever it takes to promote those candidates that support or denigrate those that do not support their business interest.

Marketing and competitive research are effective tools to promote one's business interest and is much more effective if the competition cannot match one's expenditures, so these tools will be used extensively."
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