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Default Beats audio!

HTC ONE X HAS BEATS AUDIO so that seals the deal for whats the better phone for me!!! im telling u gotta listen to music with beats audio it blows ur mind!!!!

and by the way what the hell is that picture with htc one x on top of it? is that supposed to be hox's picture quality? JESUS CHRIST MAN WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? i mean look at it, its all out of focus and dark!!!! i have a htc one x and just took a picture from this building its way not dark and its so beautiful and sharp!!!! and have u looked at the videos? same deal!
htc one x camera is all out of focus and dark!!!!
i m telling u man somethings going on here and i bet its something fishy!!!
the guy that created this thread may not be behind it but he sure as hell got fooled just like the most of the people that read this thread .
im not sure about the cpu but i can tell you this that the benchmarks listed here arent correct! i cant do a real test on my htc one x cuz after all this i dont really trust the benchmark apps anymore nor any reviews on the internet but i can tell you htc one x is pretty fast!

i dont know about you guys but im really satisfied with my htc one x! i dont know why almost all reviews are against hox its one of the best phones on the market. im not saying s3 is bad i think its pretty good too but for me htc one x is more special cuz of the beats audio.

and one more thing please dont just take these reviews from some random websites and put it here make sure theyre correct first!

and for the love god if u really care about the quality of ur threads take a picture with a real htc one x then put it there!

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