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Originally Posted by Hadron View Post
What ROM, S-On or S-Off?

You need to get the market installed first. So a flashable zip, installed from recovery would be a solution if S-On. Don't have one to hand, but there are various market zips at XDA. If S-Off could try uninstalling, cleaning dalvik, then manually installing an apk. Either way a web search should dig one up.

I'd normally recommend a gapps package from, but it's not so easy to tell the market version there - you'll probably get something newer.

You can also download a ROM that comes with the old market (e.g. dGB) and extract the apk from there. Even replace the one in your current rom zip with that and reflash, if you are happy editing zips.

You always take a nandroid before flashing anything, of course
dont really understand all these rooting terms, but ive just looked and its S-ON.
you say id need market installed first, but isnt that a given? doesnt every phone and every rom have market installed as part of the software?
FWIW i just thought id try re-flashing the original rom, redux 1.2 and try that. ive done it and market is working, and ive downloaded titanium.
but...... the problem i fear will return as soon as market updates itself again? how do i stop this from happening?

thanks a lot

EDIT: i just went to market to instal facebook, and straight away its come up with market is going to upgrade to google play, continue. ive gone back rather thn coninue, and hope its not doing it automatically. how can i stop this?


EDIT EDIT: the icons changed to play, but its still hanging on the continue page. is it too late? :-/
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