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Originally Posted by cmybliss View Post
Imagine this scenario if you will. It's 7:00p.m. the Monday before the election. You're late leaving the office because you needed to get some work out of the way so you could take time to go to the polls. You head out to you car and are held up and robbed at gunpoint. You're wallet, along with your I'D is stolen. No way you can get a replacement before the polls close the next day. Too bad for you, I guess you won't be exercising your constitutional right to vote. Maybe you shouldn't have supported that voter ID law after all.

Yes, that was a bit facetious, but a plausible scenario, and yet another mark against these laws.
Ok, so lets suppose you are knocked out and you are now in a coma. So we should perhaps keep the polls open until you recover? Crap happens that prevents people from voting. This is just how it has always been.

You can float all kinds of ideas and "what ifs." Fact remains, you should have ID to prove who you are before you are allowed to vote.
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