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Originally Posted by Rolo42 View Post
Do you mean your battery is low (like, single-digit percentage) and it drops calls? That's likely due to either not having enough power to operate or overheating.

Charging a low battery (<10-20%) generates more heat since there's more current flow. Placing a phone call also generates more heat. I would hope that isn't the case but I'm trying to think of all possibilities. You can get an app that tells you the battery temperature but I think its simply that the phone lacks the power to maintain the phone call (you're consuming power faster than it can charge the battery).
Originally Posted by viks07 View Post
Has this always happened since you first received the device, or has it just started?
Is the S3 doing anything else in the background... app downloading files, or navigation running?

If the S3 is getting hot, it will start cutting off or even shutting down.
It happens ever since I got my phone. I have already done factory reset before but the problem still persist. And no, there is no other apps running when it's charging...
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