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Default Screen dims for no reason

Given the extra beefy battery on the Maxx I always keep my screen at 100% brightness, but over the past few weeks I've noticed an odd thing. At random times (and for no reason I can identify), my screen remains dim when I turn it on. It's the same level of dimness that is the default when it's about to go back to sleep after inactivity, but it happens immediately after turning on the screen, and persists while I use the phone. No settings have been changed, and I don't have any apps set to automatically adjust the screen brightness in any way. It's not a functional issue, because when I go into the brightness settings and re-adjust it, the screen comes on at full brightness again without a problem. As long as I keep using it, it remains at full brightness, but when I finish using the phone and turn it off again (or if it goes to sleep again normally), the next time I turn it on it will remain dim again. It used to go away after a reboot, but that hasn't worked lately. I set a toggle widget on my home screen to adjust the brightness with a single tap, but it's still annoying and I'd like to identify and get rid of the problem.

It happened on rare occasions a few months ago, and I initially thought it was related to my Otterbox case possibly interfering with the light sensor, but recently it's been happening even without the case. Thus, my assumption is that it's something on the phone itself, but not related to any particular app that I've installed recently.

Has anyone else seen this persistent dimming, and is there a way to address it?

I'm running 4.0.4, rooted but with only some limited cosmetic customizations, a few bloatware freezes, and some backup utilities (i.e. TiBu/ROM Toolbox) in place. No major mods or ROM changes.
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