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Just took the liberty of trying to help out with this a little bit...feel free to use it or not if you choose...i tried to mimic your chosen format as close as possible


Recovery is special bootable partition that is a part of every Android phone. It is designed to allow the repair (or "recovery") of the current installation of Android, or to install official (signed) updates to the phone. In the root world we install a custom version of recovery that allows more control over the users data, and to install customized versions of Android (ROMs) or modifications to the OS (Mods).

There are many methods, and different versions of custom recoveries for our devices, but this forum recommends the following method (must be rooted):

1. Download EZ Recovery for VZW Galaxy S3 (Link)
2. Open EZ-Recovery
3. Allow Superuser access
4. Check Recovery (not Hybrid or Stock)
5. Choose a recovery
- Either CWM or TWRP 2.2.0 are recommended
6. Click Flash

You now have replaced your stock (limited) recovery with a customized version to allow you to install customized ROMs and Mods.
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