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Originally Posted by Khemul View Post
It wouldn't be a huge shock if the Admire 4G were 3.5". The Admire is 3.5" after all.

Do we have any information on the Admire 4G and L1? The only thing I can find on them is a list earlier this year that turned out to be rather accurate. But then they don't appear on the roadmap leak.

Doesn't help that searching "Admire 4G" is a bit useless...
Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised the Admire 4G was more of a budget handset like its predecessor. Whether or not it will be as good a value as the Motion is what I'd like to see. Seeing as to how the Lightray and even the Attain are priced.

(This is just speculation) As for the LG L1, it might be something along the lines of LG's new Optimus L line. The one thing I'd be concerned about is how the Optimus L line is really just all about the design of the phone and not so much the performance. If you look at the specs of those phones they're downright attrocious.

The L3 has a 3.2inch 320x240 resolution screen, with a 600MHz S1 processor, Gingerbread, and 3 MP camera... bleh. Its dirt cheap for an unlocked smartphone though

The L5 only really gets a larger 4inch screen with and equally bad 480x320 resolution display, ICS, and a 5MP camera. It uses an underclocked (1GHz-->800MHz) S1 processor

The L7, which is the "best" of the bunch has a 4.3inch screen with a better resolution of 480x800 screen. This screen is also a NOVA screen (like the Connect, a IPS-LCD panel). But the processing power is still paltry with an S1 1GHz processor. It also keeps the 5MP camera.

The good thing is that since these are GSM phones an L1 would probably receive a better processor in order to accommodate LTE connectivity.. If I'm not mistaken there's already a CDMA variant possibly headed to Sprint/Boost known as the "Snapshot" which has an S2 1GHz processor.

Also think of the relation that the L1 would have with the current Metro lineup. The Optimus L line goes up in quality as the numbers get higher (3, 5, 7). But there's already a "lower end" LG LTE phone with the Motion, therefore there's a chance that this will be a completely different phone. Part of me is hoping for some sort of 4X HD variant, since it is LG current superphone.
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