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Originally Posted by OutofDate1980 View Post
Well values is not exclusive to any creed. The U.S. is not founded on any religion.

Treaty of Tripoli of 1797, ratified unanimously by the U.S. Senate, signed into law by John Adams.

" As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion, ..."

Um, isn't that what I said?

Anyway, if we look at the two statements from the OP we've got this:

The Founding Fathers were Christians.
The US was founded on Christian values.

Depending on how you define Christian, I think both statements can be considered true, but so what? I'm considering the Founding Fathers as those who signed the Declaration of Independence and/or the Constitution. All of those men belonged to a Christian church of some kind. Some left writings that made it clear they were devout Christians (like Patrick Henry). Some were Deists (like Thomas Jefferson or Ben Franklin) and many fell in the middle somewhere. It is certainly accurate to say that all of them were religious in some way or another. As stated earlier, all were affiliated with various churches. Depending on how you define Christian, all might be considered to be Christians. Jefferson accepted the teachings of Christ, but rejected his deity. Was Jefferson then a Christian? I've no idea and won't even being to guess. In any case I think the statement that the Founding Fathers were Christians is a generally true statement albeit with some minor qualifications.

The statement that the US was founded on Christian values is also a true statement I think. But an equally true statement would be that the US was founded on Islamic values. Or that it was founded on Judaic values. The values are so universal as to apply to many religions.

TLDR version I think both of those statements can be considered true.
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