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Well I went out and got one so I guess I'd update my post.

I was running a prevail and it honestly it just a newer faster version of it but without having to root and tweak everything to hell.

The bars seems a bit better then my old phone even though both ran PRL 6109

It doesn't lag or freeze up at all which is a relief.

I tried running it with just the 3G and Cellular on since that is what I primarily use. Its been going for a little less then a percent an hour.

So its about 3 to 4 days standby which is fine for me. It is true as you begin to use it the battery starts chipping away but its nothing surprising. I'd say the prevail went down at the same rate.

Overall, I'm happy with the upgrade. The phone performs smooth and well. It does exactly what I need.

Maybe someday we'll get root. The only negative I have for it is out of the box it is stock ICS. Then boost pushes 2 update to it 1 to install "boost crap" like boost zone etc, and another for some software called "mobile ID" which to me is just more boost crap and sadly even in ICS neither can be uninstalled or "disabled" naturally.
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