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Originally Posted by scotty85 View Post
yes,you can use those directions,just substitue the ruu for 3.14.605.12

you can prolly forgo the main version tool,i doubt anything youve installed as changed your main version to something higher than 3.14.605.12

as long as you OTAed and have the matching 3.14 firmware,you are prolly fine in just restoring a stock nandroid.

if you want the whole update,youll need to install it just like described in the OP:
*charge your phone to 100%!

-place OTAPkg_stage1 onto the root of your sd card. rename it to "update"

-boot to the factory recovery via adb reboot recovery (optionally,you can select recovery from the hboot menu if you dont wish to use cmd)

-youll see a yellow error message about cache. dont worry,this is normal

-hold vol UP and power until you see blue writing that is the stock recoverys menu

-using the vol rocker and power button,wipe cache

-select apply update from sd card

-choose ""

*sit your phone down and let it do its thing. youll see yellow writing as the update applies patch files,then a couple different screens as it makes firmware changes.

you dont need to extract firmware and rename it PH98IMG as the android police directions state. the stock recovery will apply all firmware and software all by itself

alternately,you can keep checking for system updates and just apply it OTA
Thank you so much for the writeup scotty, but I ran into a problem.

First, I followed all the steps above, but whenever I get to step "-select apply update from sd card" it doesn't give me the option to choose the I get this yellow message "Invalid something (maybe operation) then underneath that in yellow: "Rebooting now... OEM..." I'm not really sure what it said.

The update didn't install with that method. So I read the androidpolice method, followed the steps, only I DID NOT put the extracted (renamed to on the sdcard, only the renamed (former

I went into HBOOT menu via vol. down, power up method, and my phone right away installed the update. I couldn't stop it. I let it install, it rebooted, got past the green HTC, beats audio screens, but I'm now stuck on the 4G LTE screen.


After trying again to install via HBOOT menu and ending up on that 4g LTE screen, I just grabbed a card reader, plugged it in to PC so I can put the there, took a shower (optional), pulled battery, went into HBOOT menu via the vol.down, power.up method, updated again and everything updated correctly this time.

scotty, for sum reason it was looking for a boot image file so I said what the hey, might as well try it the "original" method's way. I guess maybe b/c I came straight fr. a fresh RUU that I was missing a boot image or something? But everything's smooth as silk now!

Big big THANK YOU again. You've helped me out so many times
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