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From your gripes thread (my comments in red):

1. When I plug my GS3 into my laptop via USB to charge, the pop-up window asking what I want to do (e.g. play, open, etc) opens up each time. How can I set it to not do anything i.e. charge only, so that that pop-up window doesn't come up each time? (For my old T-bolt, I just had to use the pulldown menu when it was plugged in and select "for charge only") - Charge only is an option on the Inc4G.

2. Mobile web pages do not autoadjust for the width of the screen, I have to pan around them. This is a real inconvenience. My old T-bolt did this flawlessly. - Stock HTC browser does what you want here.

3. Extra clicks needed to do simple tasks. E.g. With my T-bolt, I could hit the phone icon, see recently called #'s, click on one and it would call. Now on the GS3 I have to hit phone icon>recent button>click on a recent call>then click on the phone icon when that contact opens up. That is 2 extra clicks for a simple and common task. - Works just as you want it to on the Inc4G.

4. WiFi -- why am I seeing a Wifi notice? Surely there's gotta be a way to turn this off, keep it off, and not have to see it "Wi-Fi Off, Tap to turn Wi-Fi on" every time I pull down the task bar - ??? - Same on the Inc4G

5. Taskbar - it does not show all my running programs or recent program. E.g. if I'm reading a kindle book and get a text message, I pull down the taskbar and click on it and check it, then I pull down taskbar again and Kindle is not showing there. So I have to go back Home and open up the Kindle app again. - Same on the Inc4G. This is an ICS change. Use the task switcher button to bring up recent apps.

6. Power on bottom. Cannot stand device up while charging. - Charge port on the Inc4G is on the side, bottom left. No issue standing it up while connected.
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