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Originally Posted by cpolek1020 View Post
Hi all, I'm looking for some advice/ a little bit of help with Virgin Mobile and their phones.

-My boyfriend and I are switching to VM from Verizon post-paid on October 1 (my current 2-yr agreement with Verizon ends Sept 17 and our billing period goes through the end of September, so Oct 1 is easiest).

-We've each narrowed our choices down to the HTC One V, the LG Optimus Slider, or the LG Optimus Elite. We definitely don't need the-best-of-the-best in a phone, but we want our money's worth.. I'm upgrading from the LG Chocolate Touch which is, at best, a touch-screen feature phone with extremely limited internet. My boyfriend is upgrading from a Motorola Rizr that he's had for 4-5 years now and loved. So basically, any smartphone that we get will be a HUGE upgrade.

-The current prices on the HTC One V, the LG Optimus Slider, the LG Optimus Elite are $159.99, $144.99, and $149.99, respectively. The Optimus Slider currently comes with 1 month free ($35 plan). Since the prices are relatively the same across all three phones, we're lost.

I went in to Best Buy today to look at the VM phones that they carry (the HTC and the Elite), but I was completely shocked when I saw that the phones aren't functional. Being able to see a phone "in action" is really important to both of us ... my boyfriend has never used a phone with a touch-screen keyboard, and if he doesn't think he'll be able to get the hang of it he's going to get the Slider. Not being able to test these phones out at all is pretty frustrating.

So here's my point: Can anyone compare these three phones, or link me to a website that has a comparison? Also, and more importantly: are there any phones supported by the major carriers (Sprint, AT&T, Verizon) that function very similarly to the phones I'm interested in? (i.e. if Sprint carries a phone that is very similar to the HTC One V, I'd go to Sprint and test out that phone's functionality as a stand-in for the VM phone.)

Thank you all in advance for your help!!
I'd buy the One V. The $159 price is a sale price, it normally costs $199. Of course, that also raises the question of whether the One V will still be $159 when you go to buy the phone.

My second choice would be the Optimus Elite. The Optimus Slider is an older phone that has less storage, a smaller screen, and a worse camera than the Elite.

You can find a comparison of the Elite and the One V here, and a comparison of the Elite to the Slider here.

I know Sprint sells the Optimus Elite and Verizon sells the Slider as the LG Enlighten.
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