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Originally Posted by timtlm View Post
Hmm, it does restart on its own, just not as fast. I also noticed it stops the wake lock service when it's not connected to wifi, so I think it's a keeper.
After reading this, I checked my REGON app and both boxes were un-checked (for no apparent reason other than reboots), so there is definitely a problem there. I will try the other app. Thanks for staying on top of this, guys.

This is definitely a quirky phone for me thus far, not as good as my experience with the OG Dinc, quite frankly. Some apps just don't seem to work on ICS very well. And even simple little things, like it being tough to see if boxes are checked, or the green syncing icon, or the bold font on the stock text message app and email apps (to signify unread or not) are kind of aggravating. I'm aware there are third party apps that are better and would take care of these problems. But I'm still hoping for root to come, and I know a factory reset would then be on the way, so I'm kind of just sticking with Sense for now, knowing I'll be exploring in the future. The thing is, once we have root and can use NAND backup/restore, a factory reset is a piece of cake. Now it's a pain in the arse.
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