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Originally Posted by A.Nonymous View Post
... I will take a moment to note that everything you posted above is a warning against greed, not against being rich. The two are completely separate. In any case, I was just looking for a source of this fable where apparently it is impossible for the rich to get into nirvana. Apparently there isn't one? ...
Which part of "I heard a story" is unclear ?

The section "Wealth as an offense to faith" is a warning about riches.

The main issue of the business case I presented is the very few extremely wealthy entities control government leadership, the making and enforcement of laws.

The recent financial crisis were a result of regulations and laws were changed to gut the prevention of said crisis and/or intimidate LEO from investigating crimes because the perpetuators had too much "juice" .

There are too many that worship the extremely wealthy that blinds them from examination of how obtained. Just because one is extremely wealthy doesn't make one divine or evil.

The premise that the large extremes of wealth is the result of the .5% of the population being superior, smart and hard working as opposed to the inferior, stupid, and lazy 99.5% is pure propaganda.
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