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Originally Posted by ElasticNinja View Post

GM food is necessary if we want to be able to feed the worlds population and reduce malnourishment.
Careful that's tinfoil talk. Be terrible for you to get the works by the media machine.

Every one used to call people who stocked away extra when times were good thrifty. Now they think you are one of those fools on Doomsday Preppers.

They don't want us to know that petro chemical fertilizers that have been propping up our our food supply have been slowly poisoning the feilds for century and now crop yeilds are dropping below what we need. GM is all they can do even though its got some definite draw backs. The government and corporate farmers donKt want the general public aware that we have passed the tipping point of sustainability and the only stop gap measures make it worse in the long run.

But back to Republinomics. Seems Regan was in office when the corporate behemoths took over farming. There you go we can lay that one on his economic plan as well. Don't believe when Was the 1st Farm Aid.

Reagan's drug policies were agressive and had a economic affect. We pay Billions today as a result of just say no.

Detriot was building real cars when he entered office and by time he left my town Detriot was dead and the majority of us were driving some crap box built by American compaines in Canada and the 3rd world or the equivilent Jap crap box.
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