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Originally Posted by Rush Lindsay View Post
Hey you, yes, are reading this aren't You. What's happening? I hope you are having a peaceful and relaxed Sunday evening.

I'm chilling on the couch, eating some nuts and sipping on a glass of champagne. Yea, i can do things like this -- I've earned it.

Without further ado, let's listen to one of Miss Whitney Houston song... Gone but not forgotten.

You just HAD to go and break out the artillery, didnt ya. You just HAD to go and bring my GIRL out onstage and perform my favorite song by both performers, didnt ya! You just HAD to go and make me smile from ear to ear , and I am sure many others love that post, didnt ya!

You just H A D to go and make me realize how much I miss you and the gang. Ive been logging in and get sidetracked from a post somewhere and before I can get over to The Vault, I have to hop off.

Time to put my Trusty ole Android to work. I am going to set up daily reminders to stop here "at home" first and have a sodapop with the gang before moving to other things!
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