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Default LOOKOUT Ad Network Detector (Free app)

Not sure if this app has been highlighted Yet!

LOOKOUT Ad Network Detector

Click PIC: To Go To Google Play

This app scans your device and identify if an app uses sneaky ad networks that pushes unwanted ad into your device's Notification bar.

There's other apps that can identify "air-push ADS only" but LOOKOUT Ad Network Detector does more. This app exposes the NETWORK behind the ads and list what these NETWORKS gain access to on your device:

· Display ads in the notification bar
· Modify your default browser’s homepage and bookmarks
· Add icons to your device’s desktop
· Access phone calls, SMS or your phone’s camera
· Collect personal Info and location info *unencrypted and in the clear* THIS IS NOT GOOD
· Collect device or mobile network information.
· ***Replace dialer ring with advertisements!***

i scanned my device and found an installed app that can push ads to my notification bar as well as modify my default browser homepage and bookmarks.

I clicked the Lookout result listing and it identified "Leadbolt Ad Network" as a network included in an an app I've installed (yuo dont get that bit of info in the develper's app description).

LOOKOUT Ad Network Dector even extracted a LINK from the "rogue network" that took me to an "OPT OUT" page where a user can choose to keep the installed app and choose "not" to receive notification bar ads from the app's sponsored Mobile Ad Network.
A Google sponsored "AdMob" was detected in several apps I have listed below.

Here's a list of installed apps on my device I didnt know uses a Mobile Ad Network with notification bar ad-push access. These apps were NOT detected by a different ad-push detector.

· The Sims FreePlay
· Antivirus Free
· FVD (video downloader)
· Estrong Advanced Task Killer Free (Yep, I have a task killer)
· Estrong File Explorer
· CallHistory

There may be other air-push detecting apps in Google Play that is just as good maybe better, but
LOOKOUT Ad Network Detector is worth installing.
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