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Originally Posted by Kuhns787 View Post
I am sorry but I do not need to increase the sound from the lock screen I want to be able to adjust it up or down. Like for instance when I am going to bed and want to put the phone on vibrate by turning down the volume I want to be able to from the lock screen without having to unlock then use the volume down.
I didn't know the stock lockscreen didn't have this feature. I use Widgetlocker (and have since the first day as I had it on my old phone), so I thought it could.

Originally Posted by Rolo42 View Post
Current capacity matters as well: the power supply must be able to deliver at least as much current as the device being powered will draw. Our phones draw 1A/1000mA and the power supply must be rated at that amount or higher. Anything less risks damaging the phone, power supply, and causing a fire.
I'm going to disagree with you with the current having to be perfectly matched. If we were talking about higher current draw electronics, then I would agree. Consumer electronics, however, are not so tightly controlled because of the reasons you list. I use my old Droid X charger with my Galaxy S3 every night (leaving my GS3 charger/cable by my computer) and it works fine with no heating issues. The Droid X charger is rated at 800 mA, IIRC. Unless you use cheap knockoff chargers, most chargers have current overload sensors and current limiting circuitry to prevent overheating via overdrawing the adapter. They're also more likely to have fuses in them, too.
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