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I got my hands on an ATV100 the HDMI stick using 8726-M3 chipset, but I'm running into a few problems if anyone can help.

When I try to update the firmware, the Android update program sees the img/zip files, and says the system will reboot now and begin the update... only it doesn't the system powers off every time with no reboot into firmware update stage.

There's no apparent reset button on the device to force the firmware update, I might have to take it apart to see if there is.

Lastly the build of Android [V1.03.01MC03_20120712] that's runs on it is super slow, tiny apps take 10-20 minutes to install. I'm hoping the newer updateM3_4.0_20120726 firmware for M3 boxes can address this if only I could install it.

If anyone has an idea on how to force an update on these sticks I'd be happy to hear it.

Edit: Took it apart, there are some clips holding it together on both sides once they are popped out there are two screws holding it to the bottom half.

Unfortunately no reset button that I could see.

It definitely is an 8726-M3.
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