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Default Dual Core vs. Single Core on PHONES for the billionth time. Let's get it right.

It's time for an upgrade. I've googled it to death, but there is conflicting info and most of it is OLD (eg, before ICS came out) ...

1) I don't care much about single app performance other than rendering of web pages... so first point, if given 2 equally modern CPU's with similar architecture, how much quicker and smoother will web pages be rendered and scroll and magnify with the dual core as opposed to single...assuming not much else is going on in the background.

2) I will occasionally multitask... How much will I gain by having dual core...I'm talking about surfing the net and instant messaging with IMO.IM while listening to internet based radio (eg 8track) and SWITCHING back and forth between them. How much smoother will the performance be?

really, i'm quite surprised there's no modern info on this other than opinions... i'm not looking for comparisons of single core cpus from 2 years ago to the dual cores of today...

Anyone? With links to hard data or comparisons if possible? I can't find crap other than stuff from 2011 saying it will be great when ICS comes out...or people saying they're waiting for dual core optimized apps...which i really don't care about....just web rendering and multi-tasking as mentioned above...

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