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1) I don't care much about single app performance other than rendering of web pages... so first point, if given 2 equally modern CPU's with similar architecture, how much quicker and smoother will web pages be rendered and scroll and magnify with the dual core as opposed to single...assuming not much else is going on in the background.
Most likely the rendering of a webpage won't see much of a obvious difference. The speed and transition mostly rely on the kernel. For instance: 1ghz vs 1.2 or 1.5ghz and so forth. Having a dual core processor does help in doing certain things.

2) I will occasionally multitask... How much will I gain by having dual core...I'm talking aboutsurfing thenet and instant messaging with IMO.IMwhilelistening to internetbasedradio (eg 8track)and SWITCHINGback and forth between them. How much smoother will the performance be?
It might not be as smooth and fast as using a dual core processor, but nonetheless will it be an obvious lag. I've used both single and dual core processors, and frankly...sometimes depending on the device or the application being used - you hardly could tell a difference. I remember not so long ago, devices only have single core processor, and people never had much problems using it... in fact, the 1ghz kernel was all the speed we need back then.

I'm sure many more experience users will chime in to give their opinions on the topic.
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