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Originally Posted by stingerisback View Post
Tried one scanner app without success. As far as signal, hard to judge based on tower upgrades in my area taking over 5 months. Ive Owned the prevail, had access to motorola photon and Astixs. Only true difference is screen size and internal memory size. Which phone would i choose, ill stick with my hydro. Ics is still being upgragded in some apps so expect some previous apps not to work. Overall i love my phone. I considered the 4g evo, and glad i didnt waste my money. Planning on picking up another hydro soon for gf. Ive only exprienced lag in heavy flash browser games. In general use no nit one ounce of lag. I looked at the warp but for price
Equipment specs the hydro beats it. Arm 7, 1ghz processor decent storage over prevail. Downside no rooting
and no wifi tethering. But works well as usb connection. Battery time, no clue i plug mine in every night . Hope this helps
I think the specs are worth the extra few dollars on the warp.2G of more internal memory and the screen is alot bigger.Same processor and other internal parts.Better screen resolution on the warp as well. 2.3.5 ginger bread vs.4.0 ics is to close to call.There is nothing really better about the hydro besides it's water proof and is running newer android.I can root my warp if I want a newer android format?I have my eyes on the hydro for hunting season/back up phone?I love the fact it can get wet.Im glad to hear the good reviews on the hydro.Waiting for price to come down a little more.Im sure it will??
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