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Originally Posted by dan330 View Post
if the dimensions are right and the diagram represents correctly. it is to odd in shape. too wide...
Originally Posted by drexappeal View Post
You're right. Strange dimensions.

Maybe it was meant more-so to compete with the Galaxy Note 2? They already released the Viper earlier in the summer, so this could be the Sprint version of the Optimus Vu (just slightly smaller). Just throwing out theories.
I was looking over the dimensions again and the more I look at them in comparison to others, they're weird, but not really dimensions of a Phablet. Here are the phones I compared:

LG Eclipse (LS970)
130.9 X 71.6 X ???

Bigger (as in tall and wide) Superphones
SGS 3 - 136.6 X 70.6 X 8.6
LTEvo - 134.8 X 68.9 X 8.9
LG Optimus 4X - 132.4 X 68.1 X 8.9

LG Optimus Vu - 139.6 X 90.4 X 8.5
SG Note - 147 X 83 X 10

By comparison, with the dimensions that were listed on the FCC leak, the height and width are closer to superphone size than phablet size. That said, it's extremely short at 130.9 compared to 136.6 and 134.8 (on the SGS 3 and LTEvo respectively), but is closer to the height of the Optimus 4X HD (132.4). The width is wider than the SGS 3 by 1mm.

My thinking, based purely on the dimensions listed on the FCC, is that it will end up being thinner than the LG Optimus Vu, which is extremely thin at 8.5mm. So, if you combine that with the shorter height, but slightly actually might be very easy to hold that phone as compared to the other superphones. We'll see. I'm excited to see how it stacks up with all the specs and feel. From that older leaked video, from back in May, it might be very nice. The other thing, about the weird dimensions is, with the shorter height, I'm assuming no capacitive buttons because there's no way a 4.67 inch screen would fit that height if there were capacitive buttons.

-EDIT- It's actually very close in size to the Razr Maxx, as far as height, but the Razr Maxx has capacitive buttons and only a 4.3 inch screen.
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