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Originally Posted by OutofDate1980 View Post
Yeh, the serfs got conditioned by the false heresy of, "trust but verify". It's a blessed joy Saint Romney is conditioning the unworthy to obey the divine right of the sociopathic rich, or at least their servants, by not providing tax returns for the unworthy to determine if said Saint is [Fill-In-The-Blank].

I beg my, [Fill-In-The-Blank], who is of full so of [Fill-In-The-Blank], due to his forgiveness of his Masters forgiveness of his hopeful servitude to the blessed Koch brothers, who's lawsuit against his Mother, would have resulted in death by stoning, by accepted [Fill-In-The-Blank] doctrine.

Yeh, who is so anointed by the sociopathic rich, who need not provide proof of "It's been pretty well documented that [Democrats] started super PACs of their own and had limited success."

This heresy must be punished "As noted, Super PACs were made possible by two judicial decisions. "First, in January 2010 the U.S. Supreme Court held in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission that government may not prohibit unions and corporations from making independent expenditure for political purposes. Two months later, in v. FEC, the Federal Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit held that contributions to groups that only make independent expenditures could not be limited in the size and source of contributions to the group.[7]"

Political action committee - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Yeh, it is gospel that the sociopathic rich are divine, blessed be the Saints. Crime boss - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Didn't think it needed proof. I thought it was common knowledge. Both parties utilize super PACs. The Democrats just aren't any good at using them. Their donors are reluctant to donate for whatever reason. But if you want proof of the obvious.

Wealthy Democrats Still Ignoring Super PACs : Roll Call Politics

Priorities USA Action, Obama Super PAC, Says July Fundraising Dropped

Democrats are apparently reluctant to put their money where their mouth is. Wealthy Democrats are out there, they're jut not giving it up.
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