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Originally Posted by drexappeal View Post
Since this goes in the line with deciding on new phones, including rumored phones...for those of you that have been itching to get a deal on the Class 10 Sandisk Micro, check out Amazon's Gold deal today!

Gold Box Deal of the Day: Save on SanDisk Memory

$49.99 with free shipping That's a steal. And it's the Class 10 version, not the original Class 6 that was released.

Pass on the info!
The link isn't working for me.

Anyway, as you know I'm pulling the trigger on 9/1/2012 to get the LTEvo. I know this LG looks awesome. It would be the only other phone I would be considering since I wouldn't go for the GSIII. I like having a removable battery, but it seems like those who have the LTEvo have learned to live with it.

I have a loaner LG Marquee and I don't like it at all. The screen lags a lot. It feels very cheap. But I really loved my LG Rumor 2. That was (is) a solid phone. I still have it as a backup.
Happy LTEvo owner. When do I get to play music with everyone?
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