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Originally Posted by A.Nonymous View Post
First of all, it is whining when you're doing the exact same thing as the other guy, but he kicks your butt at it. Failing to keep up with him you stand up and complain at the top of your lungs about how unfair it is that he's doing it in the first place. You can bet if the situation was reversed and the Democratic super PACS were out fundraising the Republicans, the Democrats would not be saying a single word.

Second of all, yeah Adelson owns several casinos so I get the gambling inference, but have no clue where you get the prostitution thing from. I skimmed the article and saw no accusations of prostitution in it at all so I really have no clue where you got that. Adelson supporting the Republican party is nothing new. He has always supported right wing causes. Again, if he was tossing his money at the Democrats, they wouldn't say a word so to me it comes across as just more whining. The bribe stuff? So what. It's how business is done in China. The government there is corrupt. This is shocking?

Honestly, I think it's frustration on the Democrats part. You can disagree with Republicans and their agenda all day long and you may well be right. The fact is they are willing to put their money where their mouth is and they're willing to back the guy they want to win. The Democrats are willing to talk and yell and complain, but when it comes down to actually backing their candidate(s) financially, they refuse to open their wallets. I have to question their commitment to their candidate when they refuse to fund him.
Republican donators are more motivated than others, especially if ones livelihood is threatened by law enforcement or regulation. It appears the Democratic contributors aren't as motivated.

You may wish to deny casino gambling and prostitution have no relation, others living in the real world or those with knowledge or proximity of these industries have no doubt.

Prostitution allegations have been made, see Sands Suit Alleges 'Prostitution Strategy' -

I fail to see how gangster capitalism leads to sustainable economic growth, even though it has some success in Putin Russia.
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